Welcome to Wicked Dragon Tattoo & Piercing! We are a brand new tattoo studio located at 3926 Dixie Highway in Erlanger, KY.

We are home to several experienced tattoo artists and piercers - here for all of your tattoo and piercing needs!


Wicked Dragon is owned & operated by artists Dave Potavin & Gabriel Lowe and is a sister company of the highly popular shop Red Dragon Tattoo & Piercing located at 9242 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio.



A Tattoo Artist giving someone a tattoo in Northern Kentucky

Nice Guy Eddie

Tattoo Artist/Piercer


Nice Guy Eddie is exactly that, a nice guy who has been in the business for more than 25 years. He is an award winning artist who loves traditional bold lines and loud statements!

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Dave Potavin

Tattoo Artist/Co-Owner

Artist and Co-Owner Dave Potavin is one Wicked tattoo artist who has been slingin' ink for the last 10 years. He loves getting creative and pushing limits with unique tattoos.

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Sarah Lalley

Tattoo Artist


Sarah Lalley is a Bellevue, KY based artist who began her tattoo career in 2016. A 10 year history of fine art has influenced her creative process and style.

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Gabriel Lowe

Tattoo Artist/Co-Owner

Gabriel is an accomplished architect, artist and family man. He designed & built Red Dragon with his own two hands in 2009, and Wicked Dragon with his co-owner Dave in 2019.

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Like it? Put a ring (stud, or barbell) on it!

From earlobes to advanced piercings, our team of piercers have the knowledge and experience to answer all your questions and give you the piercing you've been wanting!

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3926 Dixie Highway, Erlanger KY 41018

Tel: 859-360-7030



Open Every Day from 12-8pm!

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